Types of Services provided by OGS Inc, in Ottawa & cross Canada.

Portable Geotechnical and Environmental Drilling.

  • Indoor Service in small spaces with low disturbance factors

  • Electric drilling designed especially to collect rock and soil samples indoor and outdoors

  • Portable drilling offers flexibility to access remote locations

  • Lightweight, compact equipment for cost efficient transportation

  • Ideal for fly-in situations with bushplanes and/or helicopters

  • Rafts, ATVs, generators, and Argos are available for water sites and less conventional drilling location conditions.

Installation of monitoring wells, Shelby samples and vane testing are optional services provided by OGS Inc. in all instances.

Truck Mount Geotechnical and Environmental Drilling.

  • truck mount drilling rigs are available for hollow step augering, air hammer drilling, diamond drilling and split spoon sampling, and coring.

Arctic Geotechnical and Environmental Drilling.

  • OGS Inc. developed their own unique system for permafrost drilling that has become the company specialty. In all soil conditions we have recovered undisturbed permafrost cores, with every ice lens intact, using split spoon augering. Individual ice lenses up to one metre thick have been retrieved.

In the High Arctic the diamond drilling method is used.

All portable equipment and services are used to access locations as stated in the Portable Drilling Services section.